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Toronto is a big city

The Junction

Park with snow, The Junction Neighborhood, Toronto

We arrived at Pearson Airport on April 13, at 10.00 am in the morning. Our current hosts in Toronto, Guadalupe’s publishers Jay and Hazel, were there and drove us to their house in what they call The Junction Neighborhood.

Jay and Hazel are both artists, and they started together their own publishing house ten years ago, which they named BookThug, and since then they have published most of the best canadian anglophone writers and they’ve started a recovery of some really important still neglected Canadian authors. While staying here, I had the chance to look at some BookThug’s books and they are all very beautiful and they all have great designs. Looks like they take care of all the details.

When we arrived, Hazel baked some canadian pancakes for us, the canadian pancakes are quite different than the ones we do in Argentina, and they’re delicious, I promise to upload the recipe when I have it!

Jay and Hazel’s sons are great as well, Reid is 15 years old, he plays the guitar and the bass, he sings and he also composes his own songs, Cole is 11 years old and he is a nice drawer and a brilliant kid at school.

Yesterday we had the chance to rehearse with Ana and Guadu. Jay and Hazel have a nice straight-piano here so Ana could try her songs on it, and I joined in with my saxophone. Afterwards, we went to a GoodWill store that’s on the same block than the house in wich we are staying, and on our way there Ana and my sister sung beautiful old Spanish songs. They had lots of fun at GoodWill, trying different clothes on. On the afternoon, we went Downtown to walk the city streets, Valentin came from Montreal by bus, and he arrived at the Bus Terminal at 7:00 pm.

Toronto is a big city. We were amazed by the size of its buildings and yet how neat the city remains (no point of comparison with Buenos Aires). The contrast between Toronto and Montreal is evident, and I fell quite different here. While Montreal has sort of a bohemian lifestyle -you feel like you’re always in a big neighbourhood full of life and shops-, Toronto has a cosmopolitan rhythm -the horns displaying their regular performance- that I associate more to a Metropoli.

After looking for Valen, we took a walk and met with a family friend, Maela, who came to Toronto with her husband and her kids just to see Guadu, and we all had a lovely dinner at a Sushi restaurant on Spadina Avenue near College Street.

I forgot about the library. At Jay and Hazel’s there is this really adorable library full of amazing books, and we are sleeping side to it, so I have the chance to read some beautiful books that I may not have the chance to ever see or hold again in my hands. It’s funny because every time we’re about to go to sleep, I just find another spectacular book on the way, and I inevitably have to grab it and take a long look at it, read some poems from it, and leave it back on the shelve, turn my head away a few centimetres and again stumble upon another spectacular book that I have to inevitably grab from the shelve, and read some of it, to finally leave it back where it was.

When we woke-up this morning, snow had been falling for some hours. It was nice, the snowflakes falling lightly as feathers, and I felt really happy, for the last time I saw snowing was almost 5 years ago in Bariloche, before moving to Buenos Aires.

We are playing tonight at a place called The Supermarket.

Right now, while I write this lines down, Ana and I are having some mate and a late breakfast, it’s 1pm and she is mumbling a beautiful tune, Stormy Weather, snowflakes fall intermittently, black squirrels run fast and jump from the fence to the trees, and they shake some branches, causing a snowfall over their backs.









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