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La Casa Del Popolo, a great place!

On April 20th we played at the amazing La Casa Del Popolo in Montreal, as part of an event organized by the artist Ian Ferrier, the event also featured two poets and another band, called Planet Beach.

The artist Ian Ferrier at Pensione Del Popolo, he went there to lend Anahis keyboard three days before our show at La Casa Del Popolo. Thanks Ian!


Ian Ferrier is a great poet and spoken word artist. He has two albums out with his project, on which he recites his poems over music and ambients composed by him and the musicians with whom he performs. On his last project, called “For Body and Light / Pour Corps et Lumière” he is combining music, poetry, dance, and visual arts, accompanied by choreographer Stephanie Robert, and the dancers Allison Elizabeth Burns and Heather Lynn Macdonald. The results are fantastic.

You can see some of Ian’s new project on YouTube:

And this is the project’s site:

We took our shoes off and we put our slippers on, in front of everybody, over the stage stairs. Then we took on stage and at one point I could see a man sitting at the front of the audience, he had taken his shoes off and, with closed eyes, he was listening to the music.

The stage at La Casa Del Popolo. ph: Valentín Muro


The argentine sax player Damián Nisenson was back from his vacations that day and he had already asked us if it was possible to play with us on one tune. Of course it was. So we invited him on “Morning Glory”, a groovie-intended jam I composed over a suggestive poem written and then improvised by my sister Guadalupe.

Musician Damián Nisenson after the show. ph: Valentín Muro


It went great. We had lots of fun and Damián blended very nicely with the tune -even though he had never listened to it before- also the audience seemed very into what we were doing. I felt honoured to play with such an amazing musician, and in a way it was very symbolic.

I had never been with Damián for more than two hours. I’ve met him a few years ago in Buenos Aires, I was introduced to him by my father who is a very close friend of him, and I had seen him two or three times ever since, until now. During this trip I had the chance to know him and his family in a closer way. He is a very interesting musician and a very nice person as well, his family is great too.

You can hear his tune “Tempo” on SoundCloud:

It has happened to me before, when playing with some of my teachers that were first a part of my adopting family, to find out that it’s nice to share something so profound to me as music with people that know me since I was born -and before that too- because of their friendship with my parents. It’s kind of a communion, and it often ends up in really nice things and turns the relation into friendship.

After that, I had to grab the saxophone (what a problem, after that kind of sax player!) and we did Belisa, a Bolero composed by Ana over a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca. It’s a really nice song, and when we finished, the poet that had opened that night’s event, said “Well, I could hear more of that”, something that is always nice to hear from the audience.

Detail. ph: Valentín Muro


The concerts room at La Casa Del Popolo is nice, its walls are all covered with great serigraphed posters from the festival Un Suoni Per il Popolo, organized by La Casa Del Popolo’s owner, Mauro Pezzente, a bassist, and current member of the Canadian band Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

La Casa Del Popolo’s walls are all covered with serigraphed posters of the festival Un Suonni per il Popolo. ph: Valentín Muro

La Casa Del Popolo’s basement. ph: Julián Muro

“Fais moi jouir.” ph: Julián Muro

Staff only. ph: Julián Muro


I surely would like to play here again, some other time!

So, my friends, this is all for now! I’ll be back as soon as possible with a chronic of our return to Toronto on April 21st.

I leave you with some fotos of the band after the show.

Dancing! ph: Valentín Muro

Intense looks. ph: Valentín Muro

My sister is so beautiful. ph: Valentìn Muro

ph: Valentìn Muro

I’m beautiful too. ph: Valentín Muro

ph: Valentín Muro

Ja! ph: Valentín Muro

The gang on the sidewalk. ph: Valentín Muro

ph: Valentín Muro

Bye bye! ph: Valentìn Muro

We walked Saint Laurent St. up North untill we found something to eat, and then we all went to sleep. ph: Valentín Muro


Best wishes,


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