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Hello everyone, Julián here!

Hello everyone, Julián here!

Just wanted to say hi and tell you that we are currently in Montreal, living in a lovely friend’s house, trying to behave as much as we can as “clean ghosts”, as our host Emma named us.

So we are very happy and enjoying very much. The city is beautiful, and the people here are so happy because Spring has started, and they are now able to ride their bikes and open the windows letting fresh air come in and renew the air inside the houses, so everybody is being very kind with us.

The people from Quebec speak French so I had the chance to listen to this lovely language and to meet Montreal’s accent, which is nice and made me want to learn French!

We arrived on Thursday morning after a really long trip, like 14 hs on a plane and 6 hs spent at the airports. When we arrived at Montreal’s Airport, my brother Valentín Muro was waiting for us and helped us with our bags and getting to Emma & Phill’s house, he’s also been filming and taking pictures of us and the tour, rehearsals, faces of concern and stuff, so thanks Val!

Yesterday it was our first gig, at the launching of Guadu’s novel Air Carnation and Jacob Wren’s Polyamorous Love Song, at a nice bookstore called Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, on Rue Bernard. We performed a short unplugged set with Ana along with Guadu’s readings and it turned out just fine -except that I messed up with the lyrics of Haunted House and had to start it all over again, ja! But the people found it lovely any way… – I wasn’t nervous, I was too excited instead and wanted to play much more!! But we all think that the short set was perfect for the launch.

Today is our day off, so we’re going to prepare our bags for our trip to Toronto tomorrow morning, Ana will search for a keyboard, and I think I’m gonna try to take a walk through the lovely streets of Montreal, I’ll take my saxophone with me, any park will do fine for my practice!



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