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Video-presentación de nuestras fechas de Octubre y Noviembre en Buenos Aires, con material de nuestra gira canadiense / A video presentation of our new dates at Buenos Aires on October and November, with footage from our canadian tour

Gracias a Amina Luveaux por el video / We thank Amina Luveaux for the video Podes escuchar nuestro disco en Bandcamp / You can listen to our CD on Bandcamp: y seguirnos en Facebook / and you can also find us on Facebook:    

La Casa Del Popolo, a great place!

On April 20th we played at the amazing La Casa Del Popolo in Montreal, as part of an event organized by the artist Ian Ferrier, the event also featured two poets and another band, called Planet Beach. The artist Ian Ferrier at Pensione Del Popolo, he went there to lend[…]

April 15, Toronto. Our gig at The Supermarket!

The concert at The Supermarket on April 15 in Toronto was terrific. The whole BookThug launching was actually really nice and interesting. For a start, a panel of three writers talked about a posthumous book by bpNichol, edited by Stephen Cain, that gathers some of his early works (from 1965[…]

Toronto is a big city

We arrived at Pearson Airport on April 13, at 10.00 am in the morning. Our current hosts in Toronto, Guadalupe’s publishers Jay and Hazel, were there and drove us to their house in what they call The Junction Neighborhood. Jay and Hazel are both artists, and they started together their[…]

Hello everyone, Julián here!

Hello everyone, Julián here! Just wanted to say hi and tell you that we are currently in Montreal, living in a lovely friend’s house, trying to behave as much as we can as “clean ghosts”, as our host Emma named us. So we are very happy and enjoying very much.[…]